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Research Scientist: Machine Learning Job at BAE Systems Digital Intelligence

Summary of the role:

BAE Systems Digital Intelligence Laboratories is looking to recruit researchers to join our growing data research group. We are looking for adaptable, enthusiastic and highly motivated candidates. You should have existing skills in artificial intelligence or neural network-based machine learning and you should be a proficient programmer, preferably in Python. You will have the opportunity to work on a wide range of data science research topics for defense, security and commercial clients, as well as internal BAE programs. You will also have the opportunity to maintain strong links with academic partners and develop areas of technical research that interest you.

The data research group has a wide range of teams working in: reinforcement learning, NLP, knowledge graphs, computer vision, AI for RF and EW, sonar and acoustics and you will have the opportunity to work with these colleagues in multidisciplinary teams.

Candidates will have the opportunity to combine technical challenges with customer contact and project support tasks. In addition to a solid academic background and excellent written and verbal communication skills, we are interested in candidates with experience in NLP, text-mining, knowledge graphs and/or machine learning of graphs. Experience in managing large, unstructured datasets is also desirable.

Typical responsibilities:

  • Conduct new research in given thematic areas, often in partnership with leading UK universities.
  • Develop prototypes and proof of concept demonstrators.
  • Propose and undertake new research for internal and external projects.
  • Take ownership of project tasks and meet high standards.
  • Work effectively both on stand-alone projects and in larger project teams.
  • Writing technical reports and technical proposals.

​​​​​​​Knowledge, skills and experience:

  • PhD. qualified in a relevant discipline or equivalent industry experience in the application of AI/ML techniques. Candidates with experience in the following areas are of particular interest:
    • Natural language processing, including information extraction, text mining, and entity linking. Experience with modern NLP models (e.g. based on transformers) is desirable but not essential.
    • Experience with graph structured data and/or knowledge graphs. Potential experience may include (but is not limited to): ontology design, knowledge representation, knowledge graph embeddings, link prediction, and node classification.
    • Experience with state-of-the-art graphical neural networks, such as Graph Convolutional Networks (GCNs) and Graph Attention Networks (GATs), is desirable but not essential.

  • Essential: Experience in software development in Python
  • Essential: Experience with at least one ML framework: TensorFlow, Pytorch, scikit-learn
  • The ability to work in a secure environment is desirable but not essential.
  • Desirable: Experience with one or more graph machine learning packages (StellarGraph, torch-geometric, etc.) and knowledge graph toolkits (Neo4j)

Life at BAE Systems Digital Intelligence

We embrace hybrid working. This means that you and your colleagues can work from different locations, for example from your home, another BAE Systems office or a customer site, part of the time or all the time, and work can take place at different times during the daytime. By embracing technology, we can interact, collaborate and create together, even when working remotely from each other. Hybrid working allows for increased flexibility in when and where we work, helping us to balance our work and personal life more effectively and improving our well-being.

Diversity and inclusion are integral to the success of BAE Systems Digital Intelligence. We pride ourselves on having an organizational culture where employees with diverse perspectives, skills, life experiences and backgrounds – the best and brightest minds – can work together to achieve excellence and realize individual and organizational potential.

About BAE Systems Digital Intelligence

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