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OL Masterminds Owner Partners with DFW Brewery to Fund Alzheimer’s Research – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Spend five minutes with football offensive line consultant Duke Manyweather, and you realize he doesn’t do much at half speed.

That’s why his business, which trains current and future NFL offensive linemen with an organization called “OL Masterminds,” took off in just a few short years.

“We have a proven product in that part of the process, and our training and development that sees a lot of these guys come from college rankings through Sunday and have a huge impact almost immediately,” Manyweather said.

The impact has been immense, both with its annual meeting that includes the who’s-who of the league’s offensive linemen at a weekly gathering in Frisco each summer, but also specializing in taking top prospects. of the draft, like Alabama offensive tackle Evan Neal this spring, and work with them to be ready when their names are called by the NFL commissioner as the official draft picks.

“I think we had seven guys in the top seventy picks (in 2021), and this year it will be even more,” Manyweather said.

Even more, as Manyweather takes on more responsibility – and a new project away from pass protection and run-blocking drills. Now, by partnering with Grapevine-based brewery Hop & Sting to launch the official OL Masterminds IPA, with a brewing process that reminded Manyweather of the way he coaches his players.

“Making a good beer, especially an IPA, is all about the process,” said Hop & Sting owner Brian Burton. “It’s about doing the little things right. You do the little things right, it goes a long way.

“The box design is awesome,” said Manyweather. “It’s totally on brand, as you can see on our shirts. This is exactly what the brand stands for. But, like he said, as soon as he hit my lips, that was all we wanted.

Everything he wanted in an IPA, and an underlying cause that has special meaning for Manyweather, with proceeds from the OL Masterminds IPA set to be donated to help fund Alzheimer’s research.

“Alzheimer’s disease research and advocacy in terms of awareness is very dear to me,” Manyweather said. “My grandmother lived and suffered from Alzheimer’s and passed away in 2019. It’s such a debilitating disease.”

“If we can do our small part by raising money and getting more people to think about it and donating and getting more great minds to try to find a cure and treatments for this, if we can do our little bit, so much the better,” Burton mentioned.

Doing a small part for a cause that matters most to the man who is best known for his work with the NFL’s greatest players. On a journey to help offensive linemen move into professional football, full speed ahead, every time, and now, combining his career and his hobby to make a difference in honor of someone who has had a major impact on him.

“I don’t know how we got here, but I’m so grateful that we did,” Manyweather said.