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NEWPORT NEWS, VA — As part of its research mission, the skilled and resourceful scientists and engineers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility generate ideas and technologies that can solve real problems. Today, with the establishment of its new Office of Research and Technology Partnerships, the laboratory is expanding its capabilities to put the scientific and technological advances of the laboratory at the service of society.

The office will be led by Marla Schuchman, a business strategist closely connected to the Hampton Roads entrepreneurial ecosystem and the international startup community, and who was recently hired to lead this effort.

“The creation of the Office of Research and Technology Partnerships is an important step in ensuring that the unique ideas and technologies that are developed here benefit society, our country and our region,” said Stuart Henderson, director of the Jefferson Lab. “We welcome Marla to the lab and look forward to the work she will do with our inventors, researchers and potential partners to put our technologies to work.”

Under Schuchman, the Office of Research and Technology Partnerships will ensure that intellectual property opportunities generated in support of the lab’s research mission receive the attention, support, and outreach they need to achieve the market. She will also initiate and lead new programs related to the laboratory’s mission.

In this new role, Schuchman will lead technology transfer, industry engagement and partnership development efforts on behalf of the lab. The new office will explore with the lab’s researchers, engineers, data scientists, and inventors other partnership opportunities through the Department of Energy or other federal or state agencies. She will also lead efforts to pursue opportunities and programs that leverage the lab’s mission, specialties and technologies in support of regional priorities, so that the lab can expand the sharing of its unique benefits with local communities. .

Schuchman will also work closely with inventors in the lab to ensure that their intellectual property has its best chance of reaching market.

“There are many hurdles to bringing new technology to market,” Schuchman said. “I will guide our teammates through the process.”

Schuchman is the first person at Jefferson Lab who is singularly dedicated to helping inventors find the right solution for their intellectual property beyond the research environment.

“I am excited to refine the process by which we identify, support and commercialize promising intellectual property. I also look forward to working closely with our inventors and partners to support their R&D and entrepreneurial goals. Schuchman explained.

She said she plans to take a hard look at the processes underway. Its objective is to reorganize them to make them more agile and responsive, but also adapted to the particular opportunities of each inventor and invention. This task is made more difficult by the range of inventors in the lab, from scientists and engineers to personnel administrators and computer programmers.

“The application of a particular technology can be in the commercial sector, incorporated into a new or existing product or service. Or it may have so much potential that it may form the core offering of an entirely new business entity. she says.

The lab is no stranger to supporting tech startups. In 2009, researchers in the lab co-developed a unique process for producing boron nitride nanotubes (BNNTs) – string-like structures a hundred times stronger than steel, lightweight, able to conduct electricity and heat resistant. With support from the lab, the researchers who developed the technology began BNNT, LLC. The company continued to develop BNNT technology and promote its use in the commercial, aerospace, medical, consumer, and technology sectors.

Schuchman brings an entrepreneurial spirit and extensive experience helping startups develop their business and go-to-market strategies through his consulting firm. three sheep. More recently, she built Made in 757an Etsy-like online marketplace for creative entrepreneurs in Hampton Roads.

Schuchman holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from New York University and a master’s degree in management; technology and entrepreneurship, also from NYU.

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