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New research reveals Warrington is the safest place to live

HOT after being rated the third best place to go on a night out in the UK, new research has found Warrington to be the safest place to live.

Safety training company Get Licensed looked at factors such as location safety for locals, safe to take a taxi, drugs, weapons and violent crime etc to reveal the cities safest in the UK:

Warrington took the top spot as the safest place in the UK, having achieved a safety rating of 7.81 out of the 50 largest cities and towns surveyed.

Warrington has the second lowest level of street crime in the UK, with an overall score of 8.57 and just 0.012 recorded crimes per 1,000 people. It also has the 2nd highest taxi safety score in the UK at 5 out of 7.
Residents of Warrington have the 7th highest level of perceived safety in the UK.
Although the city has relatively low crime levels for most offenses, it suffers from a slightly higher rate of violent and sexual offenses than other top 10 locations.

According to the survey, having received a score of only 2.14. This low score is the result of very low perceived safety among residents, as well as above average crime rates, particularly for violent and sexual offenses where the January 2022 rate was 11.05 crimes per 1 000 people.

Warrington has proven to be the third best place for a night out in the UK!