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EcoChip Reviews – Is the Eco Chip Fuel Saving Device a Legit or Cheap Product?

EcoChip is a device that adapts to its owner’s car after driving about 150 miles or 200 km on the road. EcoChip not only adapts to the driver’s habits, but also remaps the ECU to reduce fuel consumption because the device does not just create a map for the car’s computer to increase performance, it renews also this card. In other words, EcoChip keeps the fuel consumption of any vehicle at optimum consumption, depending on the driving style.

How does EcoChip work?

EcoChip is a chip-shaped tuning box. It can be plugged into any OBD2 connector of any car to reduce fuel consumption. This device works according to OBD2 protocols of remapping the ECU of any car that runs on the computer. When plugged into the OBD2 connector, it starts receiving information from the ECU, which is connected to the car’s computer. When the data comes from the ECU, EcoChip not only adjusts the amount of fuel and increases the pressure, it also takes care of the timing of the injection, increasing the pressure so the car can run better.

EcoChip simply needs to be plugged into the car’s OBD2 connector. Then the ignition must be turned on for 30 seconds, only for the engine to be started later. EcoChip settings are always optimal for different types of vehicles, so there is no need to make additional adjustments when getting this device. As mentioned, EcoChip recognizes the vehicle in which it is installed and the habits of the driver after only 150 miles or 200 km of driving the car.

EcoChip can be connected to any car

EcoChip’s tuning box does not exceed the requirements of any car manufacturer. It works as long as the engine can tolerate it. In addition, it optimizes fuel consumption, depending on how the car is driven. In other words, EcoChip optimizes fuel consumption, to begin with.

What’s also great about EcoChip is that it can’t do anything negative to the car’s factory settings, and neither can the car’s computer. When the car’s original settings need to be activated again, EcoChip must be unplugged from the OBD2 connector.

What do people have to say about EcoChip?

EcoChip official website has many positive reviews for this product.

For example, Tim Robinson says EcoChip is great and recommends it to anyone who wants to reduce fuel consumption to save money.

Ben Johnson mentions that he only likes powerful cars that have a lot of power, but the problem is that driving such a car to work is not economical at all. Ben decided to buy EcoChip and reduce the fuel consumption of his car, and since doing so, he couldn’t be happier.

Alex Scott was interested in the most efficient way to reduce the fuel consumption of his car. He even took some lessons on how to drive more economically. But then he came across EcoChip, after a classmate recommended the device to him. As soon as he purchased and installed EcoChip, Alex noticed a dramatic reduction in his car’s fuel consumption.

How much does EcoChip cost?

People can get EcoChip only from the official product website, at the following price:

Payments can be made by credit or debit card only. There is no option to acquire the product using PayPal or another online wallet. Any EcoChip device can be returned to the manufacturer for a full refund, within 30 days of purchase. EcoChip customer service can be reached at:

  • Phone: +1 (832) 702-8599
  • Email:

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