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Branding for Tech Companies: How to Avoid Common Pitfalls

Researchers: Dr. Stacey Brennan from the University of Sydney Business School (right) and Drew Usher from Hotwire Australia.

Dr. Stacey Brennan, Senior Researcher and Associate Professor of Marketing at the University of Sydney Business School, said: “The research provided strong evidence that there are key learnings for technology companies at all levels to better utilize and grow their brands.

“There is real value in forming partnerships that invest in uncovering how the tech industry can better intersect with marketing practices and ultimately enable more robust business decisions for the a key driver of growth in our economy,” added Brennan.

Drew Usher, Principal Researcher and Director of Brand Strategy at Hotwire Australia, said: “Our research found that tech scale-ups focus on traditional, lean ways to communicate their brand. The risk is that this prevents them from reaching their full potential.

“Branding is a powerful but undervalued tool for most tech scale-ups, which prioritize product over brand. Finding a balance between function and emotion in brand communications is a huge opportunity.

“For example, if a scale-up were to change some levers within their brand toolkit, they might see a 20% increase in people’s interest.”