Month: May 2019

Investment funds: an alternative to saving?

  Let us state first and foremost that investment funds are no alternative to saving. Whoever starts with fund investing runs the risk of a negative return. When saving, there is no chance of a negative return, although a negative saving interest is getting closer. In addition, it is advisable to always keep part of Read More

Reasons for rejecting a loan application

By default, non-bank loans are easily available and dedicated to people who need a quick cash injection. They do not require a large number of certificates when submitting the application, so people who have received a refusal at a bank for some reason can go ahead and apply for quick cash from individual lenders or Read More

Loan for Individual Company: Discover the Benefits | Business Loans

If you are a young entrepreneur looking for Wackford Squeers to give life to your project, we advise you to carefully evaluate the conditions of the individual company loan, also called a VAT registration loan. This is a financing solution that can also be requested by those who already own a business and are looking Read More