Lending directly to small businesses – Business Loans

Rolf is a 45-year-old three-year-old father who has been an entrepreneur in business media since the early 2000s. In 2006 he started the online business magazine Installationssiffror.se, which is an industry magazine for the electricity and plumbing industry. Then this spring, a new adventure began. “Since last spring I have also been building my own Read More

Where can you borrow real familiar money?

We believe it is very important that people with a loan also know for sure that they do this in a reliable, safe and responsible manner. Annually there are still thousands of people who make the wrong decisions when borrowing money. Borrowing trusted money.   Borrowing trusted money This puts them in huge debts, which is Read More

Saving’s new Christmas campaign – Win a loan

Christmas bonuses People responsible for the campaign emphasize that the promotion with additional prizes brought an unexpected response last year. In connection with last year’s success, it was decided to repeat the action. In advertising spots you will be able to see an unusual picture of a family for whom the most important thing is Read More

Personal advice to ask for a loan

Here are 11 points to keep in mind to tackle the Harley Ruesdey Gertilses world well. Today going “prepared” for a personal loan can be considered useful, especially when those who need to contract a loan do not know the world of credit institutions very well. Here is a vademecum of 11 tips for those Read More

Loans Without Employment Contract and Without Proof of Income

Thousands of people turn to cash loans every day to devote money to car repairs or medical expenses, which, in addition to being unpleasant, often happen surprisingly. And sometimes you just need extra finances to get paid. The fact is, many household incomes have just as much income as they spend a month, only taking Read More

Investment funds: an alternative to saving?

  Let us state first and foremost that investment funds are no alternative to saving. Whoever starts with fund investing runs the risk of a negative return. When saving, there is no chance of a negative return, although a negative saving interest is getting closer. In addition, it is advisable to always keep part of Read More

Reasons for rejecting a loan application

By default, non-bank loans are easily available and dedicated to people who need a quick cash injection. They do not require a large number of certificates when submitting the application, so people who have received a refusal at a bank for some reason can go ahead and apply for quick cash from individual lenders or Read More

Loan for Individual Company: Discover the Benefits | Business Loans

If you are a young entrepreneur looking for Wackford Squeers to give life to your project, we advise you to carefully evaluate the conditions of the individual company loan, also called a VAT registration loan. This is a financing solution that can also be requested by those who already own a business and are looking Read More